NITS Programme 2023

| Time | Session |

| 09:00 | Registration and Coffee |

| 09:30 | Welcome |

| 09:45 | Oral Session I: Translation & Didactics

- 5139 Lieve Macken, Bram Vanroy, Arda Tezcan. Teaching Machine Translation Evaluation with MATEO

- 2949 Sjoerd Lindenburg, Fred Janssen, Nivja de Jong and Aletta Dorst. Effective viewing behavior and viewing strategies: Can we teach language learners to use subtitles (more) effectively? |

| 10:25 | Postgraduate poster session

- 6705 Jian Sun. Hospital Management and Interpreting Norms on Medical Settings: An Empirical study within the Chinese community in the Netherlands

- 3527 Mark Han Sloot. Le transfert interculturel à l’aide du neuromédiateur Captorix

- 5946 Jiahui Liang, Aletta Dorst, Stephan Raaijmakers and Jelena Prokic. Machine Translation of Lexicalized versus Productive Metaphors in English News Texts and their Chinese Translations |

| 10:55 | Coffee break |

| 11:10 | Oral Session II: Literary translation

- 2554 Paola Ruffo, Joke Daems and Lieve Macken. User testing of technology-inclusive workflows for literary translation

- 4365 Ana Guerberof-Arenas. Uncovering the creative process in translation and technology

- 5378 Alice Ross Morta, Aletta Dorst and Janet Grijzenhout. Exploring humor in translation: Children’s perspectives on translations of funny poems

- 5999 Katinka Zeven, Aletta Dorst and Peter Liebregts. Baldwin in (re)translation: Black stereotypes and reader reception |

| 12:30 | Lunch (included) |

| 13:30 | Oral Session III: Cognition & Corpora

- 4486 Priya Saxena, Isabelle Robert and Esther de Boe. Multimodal input & cognition: An experimental eye-tracking study into simultaneous interpreting with text

- 7321 Mirella De Sisto, Vincent Vandeghinste, Dimitar Shterionov, Bram Vanroy, Caro Brosens and Lien Soetemans. Two new parallel datasets of signed and spoken language

- 8668 Helena Wedig, Carola Strobl and Jim Ureel. Varioversals in German-Dutch translation and L2 German writing: Annotation guidelines for co-reference and a case study |

| 14:30 | Coffee break |

| 14:45 | MT poster session

- 925 Margot Fonteyne, Maribel Montero Perez, Joke Daems and Lieve Macken. MT vs. bilingual dictionaries: learners’ use and perceptions of two digital translation tools in L2 writing contexts

- 8579 Joop Bindels and Mark Pluymaekers. Developing a comprehensive framework for machine translation literacy in higher education

- 8871 André Korporaal, Antonio Toral and Ana Geurberof-Arenas. How creative are subtitles? Automated detection of creative shifts on English-to-Dutch subtitles

- 9396 Malina Chichirau, Rik van Noord and Antonio Toral. Automatic Discrimination Between Human and Machine Translation

- 9748 Tia Nutters, Antonio Toral and Andreas van Cranenburgh. The best case scenario for literary-adapted Machine Translation? A case study on Harry Potter #7 for English-to-Dutch

- 7608 Javad Pourmostafa Roshan Sharami, Dimitar Shterionov and Pieter Spronck. Domain-Specific Machine Translation and Quality Estimation: Challenges and Solutions

- 1442 Dimitar Shterionov and Eva Vanmassenhove. Environmental impact of NMT

- 6858 Alina Karakanta. Towards more robust experimental research in automatic subtitling

- 4160 Ayla Rigouts Terryn. Probing embedding for cross-lingual lexico-semantic knowledge through bilingual lexicon induction

- Aletta Dorst. An Open Access Toolkit for Teaching Machine Translation Literacy in Higher Education |

| 16:10 | MT Panel Session |

| 17:00 | Closing remarks and announcement of the next conference |